1 out of 4 employees suffer from office stress

By TNT Bureau

Nov 13, 2017: According to a new study 1 out of 4 employees suffer from office stress. The reasons for stress included working overtime, too much workload, dominating or demanding employer and so forth.

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At a time when stress is on the rise on an extreme basis, this new study has come about as an awakening call for working-class especially workaholics. Previous surveys have already revealed that office related stress can completely bring about imbalances in the personal lives of employees sometimes even leading to continuous fights and disagreements with their family members of their partners.

Significant details of the study

The study revealed that one in four people who called a nationwide employee assistance helpline confessed that office stress lies at the root of their problem.

Specialists at the firm are of the opinion that they have viewed first-hand via their Employee Assistance Programme as to how stress levels have increased tremendously along with greater everyday burdens in and out of the place of work.

The Customer and Propositions Director Jayne Carrington said that a number of employees call us on a daily basis. Most of them are intensely concerned about the vagueness that surrounds their job prospects and the impact this has on their family life and personal relationships.

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Jayne further said that the reimbursement to staff is obvious and a healthy and creative workforce means a healthy business and bottom line. She said stress can result in low energy levels, low levels of physical activity, poor sleeping habits and never-ending fatigue that will possibly result in  underperforming employees.

It is obvious that some measures can be taken from the employees as well. For example, they should really like their work and be passionate about what they are doing. Also, they should give some good amount of time to their family and loved ones as well.

In this way, it is sure to work out, if not completely erasing your levels of stress but reducing it in a slow and steady manner. So, at the end of it all, it can be rightly said that workplace and stress are related but some things are up to you as well. Hence, prioritize things in a careful manner.

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