10 amazing herbs that ensure healthy teeth

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Aug 22, 2016: If you are in a lookout for maintaining healthy teeth and gums, you have definitely made the right click. This discussion talks about 10 amazing herbs that ensure healthy teeth. Yes, herbal remedies do guarantee whiter teeth, strong gums and overall dental health.

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We all wish to have healthy teeth and gums and then we brush and floss on an everyday basis, sometimes even twice to thrice a day. Also, we eat healthy foods but, still all these aren?t sufficient. And even though you wish for brighter and whiter teeth, all the chemicals and ingredients contained in conventional toothpaste aren?t good for your teeth.

This is exactly where the herbs step in as an effective solution to your dental needs. Below is a list of healing herbs that are great restorative as well as preventative medicine. Include them to your everyday toothpaste or you can also use them as a mouthwash for ensuring good dental health.


This antibacterial herb has been in use since ages. The ancient people used sticks of neem as natural toothbrush. A recent study has revealed that neem may be helpful in reducing plague, freshen breaths and prevents gum diseases and cavities. It is trouble-free to add powdered neem to your normal toothpaste. It is to be remembered that the bark is more powerful than the leaf.


In case of a toothache, place some myrrh tincture onto the tooth. This will help in easing the pain as quick as within a minute. Also, it helps to tighten and cure gums and heals bleeding gums. It also fights bacteria responsible for tooth decay and gum disease.


This herb is not only helpful in fighting cold but also aids in reducing inflammation boosting the immune system and fighting infection.


This herb is particularly helpful for healing gums since it is blessed with anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibiotic properties.

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Oregon grape root

This herb has antimicrobial and astringent properties with helps to soothe and tighten swollen gums.


This is a superb antimicrobial herb that is widely used for keeping mouth diseases at bay and also helps in healing mouth infections.


This herb helps to heal wounds and draws out infection. Pop some leaves in a jar, cover with vodka, and let sit for 6 weeks to create your own plantain tincture.


This is a widely used herb that is a natural astringent, tightens gums and calms a sore mouth.

White oak bark

This is another herb for gum health that helps to soothe and reduces swelling.


This herb helps to freshen your breath and also aids in whitening teeth.

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