10 effective ayurvedic ways to ease stomach ache

By TNT Bureau

May 19, 2017: Are you looking for natural and effective ways to ease stomach ache? Join hands with ayurveda to experience quick and desirable results. This therapeutic method is widely known in curing a number of physical ailments including stomach ache.

Stomach ache is caused due to improper and deranged diet and hence, ayurveda suggests some of the most natural ways to ease stomach ache.

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When it comes to stomach, it is extremely important that you get rid of the problem as quick as possible. This is where ayuveda steps in as an immediate relief provider to your stomach ache that is just uncontrollable and painful. Simply follow these 10 effective ayurvedic ways to ease stomach ache as mentioned below

  • Mix coriander powder and add some sugar to it. This helps to cure abdominal and stomach ache.
  • Chew some roasted fennel seed during stomach ache or abdominal pain. This is one of the most widely used ayurvedic remedies in easing stomach pain.
  • Eating molasses on a daily basis preferably after each meal is considered good in keeping away stomach ache. However, do keep in mind that you just need to consume a small quantity each time.

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  • For acute stomach ache, you need to apply some peppercorns and black salt on to some pomegranate seeds. Take these seeds to experience immediate pain relief.
  • Mix 1/4 spoon of roasted celery with a pinch of salt and take with lukewarm water to fight against stomach ache.
  • For abdominal pain treatment, it is highly advisable that you take few cloves and crush them into fine powder. Then, set the powder to boil in slow fire. Once done, drink this warm water solution and feel the pain go away for good.
  • Take some ginger and mint extract in equal amounts and then add some rock salt. This helps to ease stomach ache and is also known to stop other abdominal issues such as vomiting.
  • Take neem seeds, dried ginger, peppercorns and holy basil leaves and mix them together to form fine powder. You can prepare the powder and keep it in an air-tight container so that as soon as you start experiencing stomach ache, simply take some of it and ease the pain.
  • Mix nutmeg oil with sugar to use as ayurvedic remedy for stomach ache. It is also good for gastric problems.
  • Mix equal amount 2 spoons of lemon and ginger extract. Also add some loaf sugar in it.

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