10 keys to truth

10 keys to truthBy Leena Patel

May 12, 2015: Satya the Sanskrit word for truth, is an important yogic practice to be incorporated into our lives if we like to advance forward on our spiritual path. The word satya is derived from sat, which means ?being?. So when we are not being truthful, we can also say we are not being. In other words, we are not living our authentic Self.

Being guided by truth is the ?most fruitful route to living a life that is as harmonious and tension free as possible. It is challenging because it requires us to delve deep into our hearts and take the path, which requires courage and faith.

We resort to little white lies because we believe that we alone are experiencing pain, suffering or anxiety. We think we are unique in our oddities, our passions, and our failures. We fear being judged or not understood by others. We don?t want to be a burden. Whatever the reason, we present an image that is distorted, and in doing so, we face separation from others.

By practicing satya, we bring integrity to our lives. As a result, our relationships flourish and our lives flow with grace and ease. We begin to deeply honour who we really are and invite the best and highest part of ourselves to shine. It is the highest good for us and the Earth because in observing these keys we are creating the very reality that we wish to live in, a world that brings out the best in each of us, based on clarity and connection with all beings everywhere.

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