10 simple ayurvedic ways to avoid sickness

By TNT Bureau

Dec 15, 2017: The ayurvedic system of staying healthy is becoming popular worldover. Ayurveda is being used to diagnose, treat, and maintain health. We all know that with a fine balance between mind, body, and spirit, we can maintain our health and wellbeing.

Ayurveda also treats the mind, body, and spirit as a whole as it believes they are interlinked parts of a whole, and it is important to keep each one functioning healthily to be in the pink of health.

Here are 10 simple ayurvedic ways of avoiding sickness

Drink a glass of warm lemon water in the morning

This practice has its origin in ayurveda. This simple habit can do wonders. It is a great way to treat your digestive system, and prepare it for the day, by flushing out unwanted toxins. Lemon water also cleanses the liver, and boosts vitamins and minerals as well as the immune system.

Eat moderately and don’t drink while eating

Eat till you feet full and satisfied, but surely don’t overeat that you’ll feel as if your stomach is about to burst. Don’t drink water or anything else while you are eating. In fact avoid drinking any liquids half an hour before a meal, and for about an hour and a half after. Drinking while eating dilutes stomach acid, and makes it difficult to digest the food. In case you need to drink during a meal, then make sure it is warm, not cold.

There should be a gap of 4-5 hours between meals

This is because your digestive system needs that much of time to digest the last meal. Also ensure that you spread out the amount of calories you take in throughout the day. Also, avoid snacking.

Take a Abyanga oil massage

You should give yourself a massage because it is beneficial to your health and wellbeing. Abyanga restores the balances of the doshas—your unique blend of physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. Simply massage your body from toe to head with a good oil like coconut oil (or without oil) at least once a week to experience the benefits.

Oil pulling

Oil pulling detoxifies the body, whiten teeth and freshen breath. Several studies have confirmed the effectiveness of oil pulling for reducing plaque, gingivitis, gum decay, etc. Put a spoonful of sesame or coconut oil in your mouth and Oil swish, pulling between teeth for 10-20 minutes, then spitout and brush.

Tongue scraping

This practice removes foul smelling morning breath, and rids the body from unwanted bacteria. According to ayurveda, tongue scraping removes ama—any accumulation or toxic residue in the mind or body. Tongue scraping also enhances your taste reception, which can in turn reduce cravings for excess sugar and salt. It will also help in overall digestive process.


Make exercise a habit. It can be as simple as stretching, going for a walk, or doing yoga. Either way, you will feel better physically and mentally.

Avoid cold beverages

Avoid cold beverages, especially before or during meals. Drinking cold water hampers digestion, as it solidifies fats or oils you have eaten and make them difficult to digest. Hence, fat accumulate. Rather than using its energy to digest your food, your body waste energy trying to regulate the temperature of the water to match it to your internal temperature, leading to water loss. Drinking cold water after a meal creates excess mucus in the body, which decreases immune function.

Eat in peace

When you eat a meal, focus on the food. There should be no distraction like TV, computer, etc. This leads to overeating. You can eat with friends or family, which is a good option, because it leads to slower eating. Studies have shown that people eat more sugary, salty, and fatty foods while sitting in front of the TV. Chew your food slowly and thoroughly. Think about the sensation of eating each piece of food. Stop when you feel full.

Follow a routine

A daily routine is a must. Right time to wake up, time for breakfast, lunch and dinner should be fixed. Incorporate all the above practices into your daily or weekly routine.

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