3 main causes behind excessive gas

By TNT Bureau

Nov 8, 2017: Passing gas is indeed a natural phenomenon but if you are burping and farting for over 20 to 25 times a day, it means you are facing excessive gas problems. This obviously leads to discomfort among people and also is a serious digestive health issue that demands instant attention.

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What can be done to reduce gas problems? First and foremost, you need to undertadn that there are some viable reasons behind gas issues. There are 3 main causes behind excessive gas that lead to gurgling, cramping and bloating of your belly and obviously the embarrassing burps and farts.

Food: Watch what you eat

Beans and whole lot of other foods are known to cause flatulence in the body. You must have experienced stomach expansion and painful gas after eating some food or the other. Isn?t it? Hence, foods play a strong role in producing those excessive gases.

Some of the main foods to avoid include raw apples, apricots and bananas, dairy products, beans, onions, wheat, sauerkraut and cabbage, foods that contain artificial sweeteners, prune, potatoes and pasta.

Foods that are loaded with high-fiber, starch and natural sugar are the main culprits behind excessive gas due to the way a human body breaks such foods down or experiences difficulties in breaking them down.

You need to be alert to know as to what foods are causing gas problems. Once you recognize them, you need to stop or limit the intake of such food items.

Medications and health issues: Know them well

Do you know that medication like acarbose or precose used to cure type 2 diabetes can cause excessive gas? Besides this, medications that contain lactulose, fiber and sobitol also lead to digestive issues.

Varied health issues such as bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux diseas, lactose intolerance, Crohn’s disease, peptic ulcer disease and celiac disease are also major contributors towards excessive gas.

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Air: Are you swallowing too much of it?

It is not like that you sit and swallow a lot of air. However, while eating and drinking a lot of air gets consumed within the body. In fact, 50% of gas is caused due to ingesting surplus air. Some common everyday activities that causes swallowing of extra amount of air include smoking, sucking on candies, chewing gums, drinking from straws, eating and drinking too quickly, consuming carbonated drinks and beverages and even wearing dentures that are just too loose.

Hence, it is suggested that you stop doing such everyday habits and see if your gas problems get reduced or not.

Along with these 3 core reasons and apt solutions with respect to each problem, it is also advisable that you pay visit to a doctor as well. Don?t ignore such problems. Excessive gas should be treated as soon as possible. It is mandatory for you to take all the necessary steps so as to bring healthy changes in your overall digestive system, thus welcoming good health in the most correct manner possible.

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