3 natural and easy ways to de-stress in 1 minute

By TNT Bureau

Apr 3, 2017: A modern individual is often surrounded by heaps and heaps of responsibilities in both personal and professional front which results in stress. Yes, this particular problem is known to cause a lot of mental disturbances often leading to anxiety and even depression.

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The shocking consequences

Do you know that stress is now referred to as the mother of mental and physical ailments? A number of studies have shown that a stressed individual is at a much higher risk of developing severe health issues.

Stress is also known to hamper your level of productivity as a whole. A study proved that employees who are under any kind of stress do not perform well in their work even if they are well-qualified for the job.

To top it all, stress has now become common among teenagers and young kids as well.  It is indeed shocking but true. Peer pressure, study pressure, increased expectation from the parents and so on are some of the main reasons that cause stress among young people.

It can be rightly said that stress knows no age. It can strike just whenever it wants to. It is important that we are well-prepared for it as there is no escape from it.

We need to understand that life is full of ups and downs. Hence, when you are stressed and nothing seems right, you need to follow the 3 natural and easy ways to de-stress in 1 minute. You will get to experience immediate relief from stress which will help you in unwinding yourself thus, making you feel relaxed and rejuvenated to take on the world come what may.

How to de-stress yourself quickly?

Sip green tea

When you are at work and things become really hectic, it is suggested that you drink a cup of warm green tea rather than coffee. Green tea is loaded with a number of antioxidants that help to reduce the stress level hormones.

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Not only this, the ingredients contained in green tea help to transport glucose within the body. At the end of it all, your body tends to feel less tired and stressed, thus boosting the energy levels within the body so that you can perform better and there is increased productivity at work.

Go for aromatherapy

You can always buy some aromatherapy candles on your way home from your nearby store. You can also have the option to shop online. It is suggested that you opt for scented lavender candle and light them up after you have changed in comfortable clothing.

You will feel the difference yourself as your mind soothes and your body gets relaxed. All the office tension will be gone and you can now enjoy some quality with your family and friends.

Practise meditation

In order to shake off the nervousness before an important meeting or presentation, it is advisable that you let loose of your body and start to take long and deep breaths for about a minute. This helps to calm your nervous system and helps you to give your best performance.

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