3 useful secrets to achieve sustained happiness in life

By TNT Bureau

Mar 22, 2017: In order to catch hold of sustained happiness in life, it is important that you abandon some unconstructive habits. Ok, look around you. Do you have a feeling that others are lucky than you? Well, this is what everybody else thinks too. This means that somewhere someone envies you! This is what exactly that needs to be learnt. From the time we step our foot in this world we actually get what we really need-food, shelter and clothing.

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However, as we grow tremendous changes start taking place. The innocence is all lost and we at once fall prey to a number of negative feelings that hamper our true goals of life. So, what needs to be done? Simply let go of all the negativity and start believing in you. You are what you want to become. Don?t let others influence you. Be your own true guide. Gateway to persistent happiness lies within you.

3 selfish habits that needs to go

  1. Listening to internal and external negative talks

First and foremost, you should avoid negative talks as much as possible. Let us discuss about internal harmful talk first. This is what you communicate to yourself. Do you remember the number of times that you have let down your own self? Can you count the number of times that you have doubted your own abilities? Well, there you have it. These are called internal negative talks. Don?t be afraid of anything. Simply go with the flow to experience happiness that is just so pure and wonderful.

On the other hand, external negative talks refer to nonsense people tell you when you are about to succeed in life. Remember this is a selfish world. Just go through the everyday news and you will surely find hard core evidences that prove the selfishness of the real world. It is time that you stop paying heed to what other people suggest and do just what makes you happy.

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  1. Thinking too deeply about others? opinion

This can be treated as an extension of external negative talk because when you listen to what others say, it is then that you start to act in accordance to their wishes. You become a mere puppet- behaving in a manner that is just not you.

It is important to be able to differentiate between good and bad suggestions that others give you. For this, you need to be aware of true intentions of others. Are they helping you or communicating with you just for selfish benefits? Think about it. You will surely find the answers. And yes, let go off your selfish needs as well. It is only then that you can find true answers and make the right decisions in life.

  1. Wanting more and more

Now, this is indeed one of the most sadness-causing habits that need to be washed away as soon as possible. One day you desire something and after few days you get it but then again it doesn?t seem so desirable any longer. You see around and again you want something. This is a cycle that never ever ends. It is evil and promises only temporary happiness.

Hence, get rid of it and then you will actually be able to view the true worth of this life that God has bestowed upon you. Don?t waste it. Act now and inspire someone to do the same. Sustained happiness will come to you and stay with you forever and ever.

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