3 ways to cultivate gratitude


1) Gratitude through meditation

One of the simplest ways we can honour our life is by being fully present in everything we do. We can do this by bringing our attention to the breath. Become aware of the rhythm and flow of your breath. As you inhale, do so with the feeling that you are drawing life force or prana into your body. This prana nourishes you, energises you. Feel the oxygen entering and filling your lungs and expanding your inner body? strengthening it, healing it. Breathe with gratitude.

As you exhale, allow your outer body to soften and let go of all tension. Release everything that you are holding on to?whether it be physical tension or past emotional pain or any other belief or thought pattern that is no longer useful or beneficial to your current health and wellbeing. Let it all go. Be thankful that you are here now?breathing. Mindful breathing nourishes you. Just the fact that you are able to take a breath in and out means that you are alive. Therefore, let each breath that you take be a celebration of the life within you?accept it as a gift that it truly is. Let every inhale and every exhale bring your attention inwards and anchor you more deeply in the present.

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