3 ways to cultivate gratitude


2) Gratitude practice on the mat

How many times have you worked on a specific asana for days or weeks or months, ?achieved? your goal and then experienced no more than a fleeting moment of joy before you set your sight on the next physical challenge? We miss the delight of the journey when we are so focused on getting our body into that picture perfect pose.

If you are close but not quite there?be happy that you are close. Be present to the event that is now taking place. What does this moment have to offer you?

At the beginning and/or end of your practice, take a moment to join your palms together at the heart in anjali mudra. The Sanskrit word anjali means offering and the word mudra means seal, so in this sacred hand position we are sealing our offering to a higher being or universal energy. Take time in this pose to express gratitude to yourself for who you are. Embrace and salute the highest part of yourself?your innate goodness, your divine nature. Invite your inner radiance to shine out in all directions.

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