3 ways to cultivate gratitude


3) Gratitude practice in daily life

If it feels appropriate, close your eyes. Now think about what you are grateful for. Feeeel it. Notice not only the object, the person or the event that arises for you, but also how it makes you feel within. Mentally thank all the people in your life, near and far, seen and un-seen, for the gifts they have bestowed upon you and the awareness they have brought to you. If we remember that relationships are here to make us conscious rather than happy, we will be able to express our thanks with more ease for those people for whom we still harbor ill-will, as well as those who are near and dear to us. Since our lives are mystically intertwined and deeply connected, all beings to a greater or lesser degree have helped shape the person that we are today. If there is someone in your life to whom you need to express your thanks to, take the time to do so with an open heart. This spirit of giving will come back to you in infinite ways and fill your life with immeasurable joy. When you connect with thankfulness, you create a spaciousness in your heart for abundance to enter. You attract more goodness, more positive energy, more love, more wealth. Whatever you are grateful for, you will naturally begin to express your appreciation for. What you express your appreciation for, you will draw more of into your life.

We have so many reasons to be thankful. I personally feel grateful that I am able to practice yoga and meditation and share my teachings with so many people. I am healthy. I am deeply appreciative of my family and the people whom I am surrounded by.

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