4 clever ways to make kids eat vegetables

By TNT Bureau

Jan 16, 2017: Are you worried about your child?s intake of vegetables? Forcing your kids to finish their greens is neither practical and nor fair. With the following four subtle ways, it is possible to make your child eat vegetables on a daily basis.

Let there be peace at the dinner table

According to cognitive behavioural therapist and nutritionist, Joanne Reid Rodrigues, as soon as you force your kids to eat vegetables, the dinner table gets converted into a battleground. In this way, the kids go on to become all the more rebellious in the future. Remember that when you push against a situation, the scenario becomes too complicated to handle.

Fay Ripley author of family cookbooks agreed and said,? Don?t make faces, trains or rockets out of food, it?s confusing. I have a rule in my house-you don?t have to eat it but you have to try it. It works about 25% of the time.?

Start preparing one meal

Instead of preparing separate meals for your kids, get into the habit of cooking one meal for the entire family. Joanne says that it is essential to set boundaries for your kids. If you fulfil your child?s eating demand each day, this leads them to believe that they can ?play? with you.

Fay stressed that eating together is extremely crucial as it helps in building good relationship between parents and children. Remember to share joy, laughter and passion when dining with your kids.?Just cook stuff you love and they?ll get the idea eventually,? she added.

Stop bribing your kids

One of the most common ways to ensure that the kids eat at least some vegetables is through bribery. This practise should be stopped at once. Joanne said,? By bribing with ‘treats’ we may inadvertently be introducing a psychological association with good and bad behaviour and food. A moral attachment to eating ? I’ve been good versus I’ve been bad ? can result in disordered thinking later in life which can result in an eating disorder.?

Hide the greens

Camouflaging vegetables in a presentable manner does the trick. Simply follow the top tips given by nutritionist Ian Marber to disguise greens in a palatable way for your kids. The tips include

  • Since kids don?t respond well to bitter tastes in vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli, mix them with sweeter things.
  • The sugar content level of vegetables that grow underground such as sweet root vegetables and sweet potatoes is much higher than those vegetables that grow above the ground and hence, kids tend to like them more. Nonetheless, you should have an ideal spread of both kinds of vegetable.
  • When you cook ratatouille try to include as many as vegetables as possible. Use little balsamic vinegar to sweeten the ratatouille. This also helps in getting rid of bitterness of the pepper.
  • Include tons of green into soups as well. This works well with kids who hate eating lumpy food.
  • Prepare vegetable lasagne where you can add ?slimy? vegetables such as courgette, mushrooms and aubergine.

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