5 amazing energy healing therapies that provide relief

By TNT Bureau

June 9, 2017: We all are well acquainted with hands-on therapy such as therapeutic massage where powerful and skilled pair of hands does the trick. But, when it comes to energy healing, it gets a bit mysterious because such therapies are hands-off and are associated with transferring of ?healing energy? from the practitioner to the receiver.

Just because there is no direct touching involved doesn?t mean there is no healing. Today, we will be talking about 5 amazing energy healing therapies that provide relief in the most serene manner.

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Qi gong

This energy healing therapy is practiced by traditional Chinese healers and medicine physicians. It is believed that this healer has the power to generate lost energies within the body.

 Polarity therapy

This therapy has been in practice since ancient times. It is a blend of western and eastern techniques that function to unblock the flow of energies throughout our system.


This is one of the most popular energy healing practices which means ?universal life energy?. The practitioners of Reiki channel universal healing energy for the purpose of balancing the flow of essential energies via their own and others? bodies. However, there are gentle touches involved in this healing therapy. Usually, a Reiki session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes.

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Therapeutic touch

This therapy was created by a popular natural healer Dora Van Gelder and former professor of the New York University, Dolores Krieger.  The practitioners of therapeutic touch or TT believe that the energy field in a healthy person is presided over by orders and patterns. When there are some imbalances or disorders, diseases start to occur.

TT has gained immense popularity over the past few years and is now being practised in a number of universities and hospitals across Canada and America.

Sat nam rasayan healing

This is an ancient healing practise that originated from India in the kundalini yoga tradition. Here, the practitioners believe that the healing occurs via a sacred space which can be accessed by an inspirational realization.

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