5 food tips to avoid winter weight gain

By TNT Bureau

Nov 14, 2017: Winter weight gain is undoubtedly one of the major troubles people go through every year.

It is indeed that time of the year when the body turns stiff due to cold weather. Additionally, you tend to feel hungrier and too lazy to workout. All these result in winter weight gain. With the following five food tips, you can actually avoid the dreaded weight gain that occurs during the cold season.

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 Keep a watch on white foods

The love for white foods just seems to grow every winter season. Do you know that white foods such as pasta, rice, cookies and bread promote weight gain? Yes, such food takes time to digest and also cause high blood sugar levels. You need to switch over to wholesome wholegrain foods such oats, brown rice, wholegrain pasta, grainy breads and buckwheat.

Also, avoid fatty white foods that include cheese, cream and butter. They contain a whole lot of calories as well as saturated fat.

Drink ample amount of water

 It is often seen that during winters our intake of water gets reduced drastically. Nonetheless, it is extremely important that you drink 2 litres of water per day. Remember that heaters dehydrate the body in a rapid manner.

You can also opt for herbal teas- green tea promotes weight loss, ginger tea improves blood circulation, rosehip is rich in Vitamin C, chamomile soothes nervous system and peppermint is used for digestion.

Include protein in each meal

During winters, it is suggested to consume low fat protein with every meal. Protein foods contain low GI levels which help in stabilization of sugar and most importantly, aids in controlling hunger pangs that are so common during winters. Good proteins also promote weight loss by keeping your stomach full for a longer period of time.

Opt for healthy protein foods such as lean meat, eggs, soy products, low-fat dairy products, chicken and fish.

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Indulge in vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables contain essential minerals such as iron, folate and calcium as well as vitamins such as A and C. All these help to keep the body healthy during cold weather. Hence, don?t forget to eat lots of veggies and fruits per day.

Begin your meal with soup

Before you start off with your heavy meals such as lunch and dinner, it is advisable that you begin with low calorie soups. This helps in weight management in an efficient and effective manner.

In this way, you can also increase your consumption of vegetables. Additionally, this aids in reducing the calories you intake every meal.

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