5 helpful ayurvedic eating tips

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Nov 23, 2017:  Majority of the people nowadays suffer from digestion issues like stomach ache, bloating, fatigue, heartburn, gas etc. Ayurveda has simple solutions to such problems.

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According to ayurveda eating is respectful and significant for the expansion of awareness along with physical health. When you sit down for your meal the belly is in a tranquil position and your consciousness is on the smell and taste of foods.

Balancing your digestive agni is an important theory in ayurveda. This is why this healing method suggests a number of general practices for improved digestion. Digestive agni may be evaluated to a burning fire. If the flame is extremely low it can take lots of time for the food to be cooked.

Similarly, if the flame is too high, the food might get burnt. If you put an enormous log on a low fire, it will put out. Your digestive fires needs to be balanced for smooth and efficient digestion.

You are required to maintain and follow some helpful ayurvedic eating tips that are mentioned below. These 5 tips will bring along healthy and therapeutic changes in your everyday diet that will contribute towards overall wellbeing.

Eat two different veggies each day

Ayurveda says that you should eat at least 2 different types of veggies per day. Make sure that you choose veggies that balance each other in color, texture and flavor. For example carrots complement kapha as well as vata while broccoli is good for pitta. Green beans and cauliflower go well together.

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Leafy vegetable is a must

You need to make sure that you eat at least one green leafy vegetable on a daily basis. You can go with kale, spinach, collard etc. Such veggies are loaded with minerals that help in hydrating the body and also help in keeping your skin clear.

Saute food with herbs and spices

According to ayurveda, one of the ideal ways to cook vegetables is to lightly saute them in spices and herbs. By doing this, you will get to experience great aroma as well as dynamic flavors. This also helps to digest the food in a proper manner.

Use heeng or asafoetida

Asafoetida is a highly aromatic resin with wonderful digestion-boosting properties. It helps to balance vata, so if you suffer from problems such as gas and bloating, using them in your food will work wonders for the problem.

In India, asafoetida popularly known as heeng is used a lot to flavour pulses and curries. If you are cooking with it for the first time, here is how to: heat a little olive oil in a pan. When it is warm, put in just a small pinch of asafoetida speedily pop in a few cumin or mustard seeds and other spices you might be using.

Complete no to fried foods

Feel a snack-attack coming on? Stay away from fried foods if you can. These lack ?prana? or vital energy. Some of the suggested ayurvedic snacks are almonds, raisins, fresh sweet juicy fruit such as pears or plums, and whole-grain bagels.

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