5 ideal foods to eat before and after your exercise regime

By TNT Bureau

Oct 31, 2017: When it comes to exercise and weight loss, most of us are bogged down by thousands of questions.and confusions that keeps us from getting up and hitting the gym. How can we optimize our workouts to extract maximum effects from it? Well, the secret lies in our diet. With so many varieties of energy drinks, bars, powders and supplements available in the market, we are confronted with yet another dilemma. But what if it was possible to get all the necessary carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats from a well-planned diet? Here is a list of few nutritious foods that you can eat before and after your daily workout session in order to make the most out of it.


Oatmeal is a super food that is packed with carbs, proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids and it is a great source of fibers as well. Oats is complete pre-workout food for those who hit the gym in the morning when you don’t have time to eat breakfast 1-2 hours before the workout. Oats settle well without giving you a bloated feeling and takes time to digest thereby keeping you satiated for longer slowly releasing sugar into the blood stream.  Addition of fruits and berries will help you keep hydrated throughout the workout.

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Fruit smoothies

Fruit smoothies are ideal pre-workout snack when you are running short of time. It takes seconds to prepare and you can have it on the go. Opt for fruits with high glycemic index such as mango, banana, pineapple, and watermelon. The carbohydrates present in the fruits breakdown rapidly to supply energy during workout while the proteins help in checking muscle damage.


Bananas act as powerhouse of fuel that helps the body to function effectively throughout the day. It’s a great source of carbohydrates, potassium and manganese that helps prevent muscle cramps, helps wound healing and increases bone strength and endurance. Eat a banana along with a cup of yogurt at least an hour before hitting the gym for optimal results.


The good old eggs are one of the richest sources of proteins and minerals. It is easy and quick to prepare and great to eat. You can either have them hard boiled or scrambled. And yes, you can have the yolk as well because it improves the level of HDL in blood level thereby protecting the heart.

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 Dried fruits and nuts

The yummy crunchy snacks are ideal for those days when you are running a bit late. Just have a pack full of mixed dried fruits and nuts in your bag that you can munch on while returning from the gym. Nuts are packed with proteins while dried fruits are a good source of simple carbohydrates that are easily digestible and better supplier of muscle glycogen compared to complex carbohydrates.

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