5 tips to encourage children to do household chores

By TNT Bureau

Oct 12, 2017: One of the efficient ways of inculcating sense of responsibility among kids is through active participation in household chores. Dan Pink, author of Drive said, ?Chores show kids that families are built on mutual obligations and that family members need to help each other.? With the following five tips, you can inspire your kids to participate in daily chores which aids in individual productivity in the long run.

Convert work into fun

Simply asking your kids to do this and that will not work at all. You need to be creative and playful. For instance, kitchen time can be turned into party time with one kid acting as chef and the other a DJ. The chef can prepare simple food like mashed potatoes or salad while the DJ selects songs to be included in the playlist. Join them and dance around the kitchen while making or serving food.  Besides this, you can also utilize the laundry time to promote play. Act as superheroes or robots while taking clothes out of the machine. Your kids will join you immediately.

Make it challenging

Telling your kids to do the same thing again and again will only bore them. It is recommended to introduce challenges from time-to-time. In this way, the kids will remain enthusiastic and inquisitive about the next level of challenge. If the kids are used to cleaning the kitchen table, make it tough by having them mop the floor as well. Increase difficulty by timing them.

Introduce sudden changes

Instead of cleaning their own rooms, make them clean a sibling?s room. Or, let them take turns to cook and plan dinner meals at least once a week. At the same time, encourage them to plan different meals each week. This keeps their brain activity at work resulting in good planning and organization. Always permit them to make strange but edible food items. You may never know, your kid might just be the next master chef!

Appreciate, make them feel important

Susan Tordella writes in Raising Able, ?Even though children may say and act as if they don?t want to contribute to the running of the household, everyone carves the feeling of feeling important, needed by, and connected to others.? Be grateful when they do chores even if it is just walking the dog or clearing the tables. Let them know that they are doing a great job. ?Wow, you are a great contributor to home. I am so proud of you.?

Present an independent tone

Don?t be direct or bossy when asking them to do chores. Instead use gentle suggestions. ?Hey, it?s time to feed the puppy? or ?Could you mind helping me in cleaning the hamster cage?.  Remember motivation is the key factor which will consequently help in raising independent and smart kids.

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