5 unusual health therapies that are becoming popular

By TNT Bureau

Nov 13, 2017: Along with food and fashion, the genre of health is also changing with time. You can try out the five emerging health therapies to boost health after all, with all the year-end partying, over-eating and drinking, you do need something to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Starting off the new year by being health conscious is really a good sign. And now when you have innovative health therapies at your discretion, it is time say to hello to the best of health. Let us get started right away.

Antigravity or aerial yoga

The healing benefits of yoga are known by all across the globe. With the introduction of aerial yoga, you can now get ready beat the force of gravity. In this yoga practice, you will be suspended in mid-air in stirrups or hammocks where you will be performing varied types of yoga asanas and deep breathing exercises.

It is actually an ideal combination of acrobatics and yoga that caters to enhance your body posture and increase flow of blood within the body. Also, it provides strength to your muscles and aids in building concentration and focus.

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Moonlight yoga 

According to this yoga practice, full moon is the ideal time to let go off all your negative feelings and emotions. The practitioners of moonlight yoga are of the opinion that a person needs to harvest positive vibes during the monthly cycle and put the same into practice when there is full moon. In this way, it is believed that all the positive energies will be absorbed by the body while warding off the entire negative forces.


This is one health therapy that has raised many eyebrows especially in the scientific front. A number of health experts have termed sun-eating as life-threatening because no human can convert the rays of the sun into energies. Further, they also argued that a human body requires good amount of vitamins and proteins as well to function in a proper manner.

Nonetheless, a large section of women in Hong Kong have taken up sun-eating where they soak up the sun for long hours. They believe that the sun rays can actually replace nutrients that are needed by the body. Also, they claim that sun-eating help in improving sleep and vision.

Cuddle therapy 

This therapy is a mixture of psychological healing and massage therapy where the healers hug the patients and even spoon with them. However, there is no sexual contact involved in the therapy. All the cuddling is purely non-sexual in nature. It caters to heal physical and mental disturbances through human intimacy.

Do you know that professionals involved with cuddle therapy are really in demand these days and they charge whopping amount for hourly sessions? Additionally, there are a number of cuddle cafes that have emerged over the past few years. So, get cuddled and restore health.

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Gong baths or showers

This is yet another health therapy that has been gaining a lot of popularity. In this sound therapy, practitioners use the sound of gong to promote healing. The gong is a significant part of the therapeutic eastern instruments that include tingsha bells and Himalayan singing bowls.

In this therapeutic bath, you will be bathed in sound energies. You need to sit near the gong and the sound of the gong increases as the session proceeds. This therapy caters to ultimate relaxation of your body and mind by slipping you into a serene meditative state. This helps in releasing unwanted stress and anxiety.

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