5 warning signals to eat more vegetables

By TNT Bureau

Jan 6, 2017: So, you simply love indulging in non-vegetarian foods. The smell and taste of yummy meat gets you fixed every single time and you end up stuffing your mouth with it. Such love for food is good but at the same time, it is essential to consume right amount of vegetables on a daily basis.

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For a body to function in a balanced manner, it is important that you eat loads of vegetables per day. Yes, you just can?t ignore the green and nutritious veggies. If your body is showing any if the 5 warning signals as mentioned below, it is time to eat more vegetables right away.

You fall sick now and then

The immune system of the body is strengthened by vitamins and minerals that are present in vegetables. Hence, if you are consuming fewer amounts of veggies, you are actually depriving your body from receiving the needed and essential mineral and vitamins.

It is highly recommended that you start adding scrumptious foods such as mushrooms and broccoli to your daily diet. It is only then that you can actually improve your immune system in a healthy manner. So, if you are falling sick every now and then, it is time to shop for veggies and also eat them on a regular basis.

You feel tired most of the time

Vegetables are rich source of antioxidants and phytochemicals and are alos loaded with vitamin B complex. If you are one of those who avoid eating vegetables, it might just lead to confusion, mental tiredness and even brain fog, a mental condition where the brain stops to think thus, hampering your progress at work.

Vegetables consist of a wide array of nutrients that help give you natural energy. Hence, if you are always in need of a cup of coffee to keep you alive and going, it is necessary to pay attention to veggies rather than eating meat and other non-vegetarian food items.

You are facing skin issues

If you are experiencing skin issues of late such as pimples, puffy skin, acne and so forth, it can be due to fewer intakes of vegetables. So, you need to add vegetables such as cucumber, sweet potatoes, avocados, bell peppers and spinach to your daily diet. Such healthy foods provide ultimate protection against toxins and radicals that tend to cause several kinds of skin troubles.

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You feel hungry throughout the day and night

When a person indulges in lots of processed meats, it tends to cause micro nutrient deficiencies. This, in turn leads to increased hunger pangs even in the oddest hours.

Vegetables are blessed with the potential to give you a fuller stomach thus, reducing the unnecessary hunger pangs that may lead to weight gain. Also, veggies provide some amount of delay in emptying in your gut. This helps in keeping your stomach full for a long period of time. 

You depend on multivitamins

While multivitamins are a good addition to a healthy diet, they can never be a substitute for adequate nutrition. Vitamins are better absorbed from whole fruits than the supplements. So, if you’re on a budget, skip the supplements and opt for vegetables instead.

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