5 yoga poses for healthy and beautiful hair

By TNT Bureau

June 15, 2017: Have you always longed for beautiful and healthy hair? But then, the everyday pollution and stress of the modern world along with bad eating habits and exercise regimes often come in between thus, creating hair related problems such as hair fall, thinning of hair, dry hair and scalp etc.

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It is in such a dilemma that yoga has stepped in as an ultimate stress buster that will aid you in achieving great hair that is so shiny and gorgeous all the way. Hence, in this discussion today we have brought forth 5 of the most popular and effective yoga poses that ensure long, beautiful and shiny hair.

Vajrasana or diamond pose

This yoga pose is ideal for the digestive system. It helps in promoting a vigorous movement of nutrient-rich blood within the body. Also, it helps in improving the immune system and thus helps to fight against a range of scalp infections.

You need to sit on the ground with the knees beneath the thighs. Make sure that your spine is erect. Now, place both the hands on the upper thigh. Start inhaling and exhaling in a deep and relaxed manner.

Ustrasana or camel pose

If you are one of those who are suffering from hair issues such as thinning and breakage, it is advisable that you start practising this simple yet effective yoga pose.

You need to kneel on the ground and bend your spine in a backward position unless your hands are in contact with your ankles. You are required to hold this pose for few seconds. Ensure that your breathing is normal. You are then required to exhale as you come back to the kneeling position. Do not do this yoga pose in case of back injuries.

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Sirasasana or head stand

This yoga pose helps in improving flow of blood within the scalp. Also, it aids in the promotion of hair growth since it aids to provide necessary nutrients to your hair roots. This pose is also effective for weight loss.

You are required to balance your entire body on your head. You have to invert the body with the help of your head which will be resting on the floor. With customary practice you will be able to perform this yoga pose with ease.

Bhujangasana or cobra pose

This yoga pose helps in improving heart-lung functioning and digestion. Also, it helps in stimulating the flow of oxygen-rich blood within the body.

You are required to lie down flat on your tummy. Now start placing your palms on the ground in such a manner so that the palms are parallel to the shoulders. You need to put your weight on the palms and elbows while lifting your chest. Keep your legs and feet on ground. Stay in this position for about 30 seconds.

Sarvangasana or shoulder stand

This yoga pose helps in increasing the flow of to the scalp while nourishing the hair roots which results in prevention of hair fall.  Also, it helps in improving thyroid function and makes certain healthy respiratory function.

You are required to lie down flat on the back while raising your feet in an upward position. You need to preserve the balance of your body by using your upper back, neck and head.

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