6 amazing health goodness of consuming pears

By TNT Bureau

Dec 11, 2017: Known for its bell-like shape and crunchy and sweet taste, pear is one of the most popular fruits in the world. Cultivated in semi-tropical regions, this fruit boasts its numerous nutrients that are beneficial for overall health. Pears generally vary according to their place of origins. This fruit is acclaimed as an excellent source of dietary fiber. Pear is also among the fruits with very few calories. Every 100g of pear has 58 calories, with almost no fat and zero cholesterol. To keep you going throughout the day, pears contain 13.81g of carbohydrates that are later on converted into energy.

Pears contain 119 mg of potassium (for every 100 grams of pear), which is helpful to achieve balance in the body’s fluid and acid-base. Potassium is very important to keep body organs like the heart, muscles and kidney to function properly. Aside from potassium, this fruit is also loaded a significant amount of copper. Copper helps in the normal growth and development as well as in manufacturing of red blood cells. Have a look at the 8 amazing health goodness of consuming pears

Lowers body’s cholesterol levels

Pears contain high level of Pectin which is a powerful compound that has cholesterol-reduction effects to the body. High cholesterol levels can cause so much damage in the body especially to the heart. Development of LDL or bad type of cholesterol more than HDL or the good type is found to be the stepping stone to many ailments.

Prevents high blood pressure

Pears have antioxidant and anti-carcinogen properties that regulate blood pressure. These properties virtually stabilize proper blood flow, relax veins and arteries, and strengthen blood vessels to prevent high blood pressure or worst, stroke. High blood pressure triggers many heart-related ailments so make sure that you eat foods that are great sources of antioxidants such as pears.

Stabilizes Colon Health

As mentioned above, pears are excellent sources of fiber and fiber has positive effects on the state of the colon. Regular consumption of this fruit can maintain a healthy colon and can also repair a defective one. It helps in avoiding irregularities in the colon that can further lead to a cancer. It is safe to say that pears reduce risks of having colon cancer.

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Relieves fever

Eating pears has cooling effects in the body that virtually help in treating fever. In times that you have fever, drinking pear extract will relieve your condition. This is proven effective not only because it is customary but because it is supported by continuous studies and research.

Detoxifies the body

Because pears are high in fiber and water content, it adequately removes body’s toxins through fast and timely bowel movements. Its detoxifying ability stimulates toxin excretion through stool and bile. This fruit is almost 90% water thus properly flushing toxins in the digestive tracks. Because it is mostly water, it also keeps the stool soft for easy and appropriate movement.

Increases satiety

This is the reason why those who want to lose weight usually associate pears in their diet. This fruit is rich in fiber that makes you feel fuller that lasts for hours. It has the ability to curb your appetite therefore decreasing your food intake. Decreased food intake can further lead to weight loss.

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