6 ayurvedic mantras to treat cracked heels

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Mar 3, 2017: Being beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean that you concentrate only on the face. Your entire body needs good amount of attention as well. Among them all, you tend to neglect your feet the most. It is extremely important to loosen up the feet in order to kick start your day with freshness and energies.

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Ayurveda and cracked heels

Cracked heels are definitely one of the most common issues related to your feet. It is suggested you try out some effective ayurvedic mantras that help in treating cracked heels in the most natural manner possible.

The problem of cracked heels occurs due to dry skin. When the skin becomes dry, it becomes cracked. This is one major problem that most of us face during the winter season. However, there are a number of people who suffer from this trouble all through the year. The creams may provide temporary relief however; treating cracked heels with ayurveda can assist you in getting rid of this issue permanently.

In this discussion, you will obtain the best ayurvedic mantras to treat cracked heels. Ayurveda recommends that you change your lifestyle can resolve your problem efficiently. It is advised not to consume too much sweets and sugary items in case of cracked heels. Instead you can opt for jaggery.

Maintain a proper diet

According to ayurveda, it is essential to maintain a proper diet to heal cracked heels. Hence, you should start adding more of garlic, butter and onion to your daily diet while avoiding potatoes, cooked tomatoes and refined flours.

Do not wear anything wet

Have you been looking for ideal ways to treat cracked heels with Ayurveda? Then, it is essential that you follow this tip. Wearing anything wet tends to remove the moisture from the skin which results in dryness and ultimately cracked heels. Hence, do not wear wet shoes or socks.

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Go barefoot

This is one amazing way to cure cracked heels, says ayurveda. A direct touch of nature can cure many problems. It is suggested that you  walk barefoot on the grass in the morning each day.  By following this, you get to rejuvenate your feet. Also, it is good for the eyesight.

Apply ayurvedic solution

This is one of the ideal mantras to treat cracked heels with ayurveda. All you need to do is to mix ashwagandha oil and jatyadi oil and then heat them in order to create the concoction. Apply it before going to bed and also cover your feet with cotton socks. The next morning, wash your feet with warm water and a mild soap.

Healing with yoga poses

Amazing, but healing cracked heels with ayurveda is possible with the help of proper yoga poses. Some of the ideal yoga poses for cracked heels are setaili bhastrika pranayama, seetkari pranayama, chandra bhedana, bhastrika pranayama etc.

Go for padasnana

In order to refresh your skin and make it smooth and soft, padasnana is regarded as one of the best ways. Simply take some warm water and pour a few drops of ayurvedic oil such as rose or lavender into it. You may as well add a few rose petals into the water. Place your feet into the water and let them soak for about 15 t0 20 minutes.

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