6 healthy and nutritious breakfast options

By TNT Bureau

Jan 4, 2016: It is rightly said that you should eat your breakfast like a king. Since it is the first meal of the day, it is important to eat something healthy that helps to keep the body active throughout the day.

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With the onset of 2016, it is true that you must have made some healthy resolutions or the other to restore health. However, majority of the people can?t stick to such resolutions for a long period of time. Let this new year be exceptional. It is advisable to try out these  6 nutritious breakfast options for 2016 for ideal health management.

Yogurt and fruits

Along with being nutritious, this breakfast idea is yummy all the way. You not only get to use your favorite yogurt but also you get the freedom to add a variety of fruits as well.

For people with tight schedule, it is advisable that you cut your fruits the night before and then add ample amount of yogurt over the fruits. If you feel that the mixture won?t be enough to keep your stomach full, you can add about a handful of muesli to it. However add the muesli in the morning otherwise it will become just too soggy to eat.

Breakfast burrito

breakfast burritos are known as wraps in South Africa with Wimpy as one of the most widely used ingredients. You can make it all the more fun by adding a cold salsa the night before.

For preparation, you need to eggs (scramble them later), 2 tablespoons of cheddar cheese, 2 tablespoons of salsa and the fold all of these together in a whole wheat tortilla.

If you would like to keep a few for the week, make it all at once, wrap in foil and keep it in the freezer. The protein from the eggs and black beans are set to keep you fuller for longer.

Peanut butter banana smoothie

Everybody agrees that smoothies are one of the ideal breakfast as well as snack-time options to be enjoyed thoroughly.

For preparation, mix 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, few ice cubes, one cup almond milk and frozen banana. Serving it ice cold makes it all the more better and yummy. So, you need to make sure to keep it in a tight bottle or container.

Fruit and yogurt smoothie

Talking about smoothie the scrumptious fruit and yogurt smoothie is always one of the healthy breakfast options. Simply mix the fruits of your choice and yogurt with the help of a blender and it is ready to eat.

For best enjoyment, it is suggested that you keep the smoothie in the freezer the night before. The ice gives it that extra crisp kick in the morning.

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Avocado toast with egg

Cut some slices of avocado and take two slices of brown or whole wheat bread. You can add about 1 or 2 boiled eggs.

Who would have thought that you can make scrambled eggs in the microwave? And not only that, you can add your favourite breakfast veggies (fit for an omelette), like spinach, cherry tomatoes and even mushrooms.

Beat two eggs and put it in a microwave-safe container. Add a handful of your preferred veggies and set the microwave to 30 seconds.

Take out the mixture, stir a bit and put back in the microwave for another 30 seconds.

Nutritious muffins

This is one of the easiest breakfast ideas where you can add nutritious muffin recipe from all oat, blueberry, poppy seed, and bran to carrot cake muffins and then place them into the freezer.

It is advisable to use brown sugar instead of normal sugar. Plus, just add a pinch of sugar otherwise your breakfast won?t remain healthy any longer.

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