6 surprisingly healthy nuts

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July 14, 2017: In the past a number of people must have advised you to stay away from nuts as it was believed that nuts were extremely fatty in nature and only brought about weight gain. However, this is not the case. Nuts are loaded with antioxidants, good fats, fibre, proteins, minerals and vitamins.

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To top it all, a recent study revealed that eating nuts can help you live longer. It was seen that people who consumed nuts 6-7 times per week are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases and even cancer in comparison with people who didn?t eat nuts at all.

There is abundance of reasons to eat nuts each day. However, it is the quantity that you must keep in mind. It is suggested to consume about 30 grams of nuts and also you should avoid roasted and salted nuts.

With the following 6 surprisingly healthy nuts, you can improve your overall health and also bring about positive changes in your lifestyle.


These nuts are somewhat bitter in flavor and you can eat it cooked as well as raw. Walnuts are often referred to as the king of nuts since they are remarkably high in a number of antioxidants. Also, they are loaded with enormous plant source of healthy omega-3 fats that promote heart health.


Consumption of nuts on a regular basis will not make you obese provided you don’t exceed the limit. A small handful is a good amount. In many studies where people have been given 30 to 50g of nuts a day, there has been no weight gain.

This might in part be because nuts are high in fibre, which helps make them filling. Pistachios in particular are also high in potassium, which is important, among other things, for healthy nerve impulses.

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Different nuts vary radically in their mineral content. Almonds are particularly high in calcium necessary for strong bones. Almonds are also a large source of the antioxidant vitamin E and there is proof they help reduce blood pressure. They work well in a range of sweet and savoury dishes, or grab a handful for a tasty snack.

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts have an unusually tender flavour, which goes chiefly well with chocolate desserts, but they are a great snack on their own too. They are the richest known source of selenium, a mineral vital for the function of your immune system, thyroid, liver and heart.


Cashews are appetizing lightly roasted and they are an immense source of copper which is significant for healthy immune system, bones, blood and nerves.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts, the seeds from pine trees, are a traditional food in many cultures ? added to savoury foods as well as pastries and biscuits. In Australia, they’re probably best known as an ingredient in pesto. But they’re also tasty tossed in salads or stir fries. They’re a particularly good source of iron and zinc.

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