6 weight loss hacks that actually help you lose weight

By TNT Bureau

Nov 7, 2017: Are you one of those who have been trying a lot to lose weight but haven’t tasted success yet? Then, my friend you have definitely made the right clock today.

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In this discussion, you will get to know about 6 weight loss hacks that actually help you lose weight. Do give them a try and see the difference yourself.

Eat in front of the mirror

When you eat in front of the mirror, your mind at once becomes alert to the foods that you are consuming. When you look at yourself while eating, your mind will indeed be filled with loads of questions with regards to the quantity as well as the type of foods that you are feeding your body.

For instance, chances are that you may ask yourself whether you are consuming healthy foods or not. This consciousness will guarantee that you eat less thus, helping you lose weight.

Eat with men

This is rather amusing but it is extremely true. As a woman, when we eat in front of any male, we definitely tend to eat less .This will eventually lead to a decrease in the food intake and as a consequence of which you will achieve weight loss success.

Pay cash for your meals

The thought of paying meals with cash is just to limit you from eating more than sufficient. Eating and paying with your debit card or credit card will have opposite effects. Then, it becomes possible that you will give in to temptation and end up eating a lot of food. When you pay cash, you will know that there are other things that you need the money for and hence, you will be spending just about the right amount for your food.

Take a picture of your meal

Majority of the people might just note down what they consume daily as a move to make sure that they are eating the right foods. This works however, taking a picture is more effectual. The concept of clucking a picture of what you consume provides you something to view back at later.

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This will provide you a sense of alertness on what you regularly eat. For instance, eating fries frequently will give you the notion that you seriously are not consuming healthy foods,

Focus on blue

Do you know that the color blue suppresses hunger? Take a walk down the streets and you would not find many restaurants painted in blue color. It is significant to ensure that you consume while bordered with blue colors as this will avert you from consuming too much.

Consume apples, bananas and peppermint

All these foods help in keeping your hunger at bay and are essential in making sure that you do not consume a lot of food throughout the day. In the end, weight loss will take place automatically. Peppermints help to make someone get the urge of drinking a whole lot of water. This results in reduction in the portions of food taken throughout any meal. Make certain that you have bananas, peppermint and apples in your diet to help you lose weight.

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