7 easy tips to cure indigestion problems

By TNT Bureau

Dec 5, 2017: Over the past few years, indigestion problems have augmented due to unhealthy eating habits, increased work pressure and so on. It is time to stave off indigestion with these 7 simple yogic principles. Follow them sincerely to eliminate indigestion issues and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Control portion size and include healthy foods

First and foremost, it is extremely important to exercise strict control over your portion size. Eat less. Just because, your stomach is thundering with hunger doesn?t mean that you should gobble down whatever comes your way.

Additionally, you should increase your daily in-take of vegetables and fruits. It is advisable to eat red meat only twice a week. These healthy alterations will reduce constipation and acid reflux, thus curing indigestion problems.

Practice yoga daily

Yoga communicates to combine hydration, heat, deep breathing and asana to develop a healthy digestive system.  Yoga supports peristalsis that helps in moving toxins and waste materials via the colon. This favors the production of healthy bacteria and at the same time, helps to develop abdominal muscles. All these are essential in maintaining a healthy gut.

Yoga asana such as Head-of-the-Knee pose and Seated Forward Bend compresses the lower abdomen and helps in releasing gas.

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Consume enzymes

Enzymes are active proteins that are present throughout our system. They play a pivotal role in reducing indigestion. While majority of the enzymes are produced in our digestive tracts, you can also find enzymes in healthy raw foods. Remember that processed and overcooked foods do not consist of natural enzymes, hence try to avoid them as much as possible.

Do you know that the health of our digestive system declines with age? This is because as we start to age, enzyme production gets lowered. So, it is of utmost necessity that you eat raw foods on a daily basis.

Eat a healthy mix

Different kinds of food take different time to digest and also, the requirement of digestive enzyme also varies. Hence, if you eat similar kinds of foods at a single time, like proteins with fats, sugars and grains, indigestion problem occurs.  You should get into the habit of including a right combination. This is useful in improvement of digestive system and also has other benefits that include depression relief, anxiety release, boost in energy levels and exercise control over mood swings.

Add herbs and spices while cooking

In traditional ayurveda, herbs and spices predigest the food during cooking thus, making it more digestible for the stomach. Heat awakens their aromatic sensations which aids in digesting the nutrients in an easy manner. Some of the important indigestion healing herbs and spices are cardamom, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, cayenne pepper, licorice and coriander.

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Rest briefly after meals

In order to provide a good start on digestion, it is suggested that you rest for a brief period of time after meals. You can either sit quietly for 10 minutes after lunch or engage in some pleasant conversation. You can also take a few minutes for meditation before returning to your busy schedule.

Sip right tea

Tea consists of herbs and vital energies that are essential in calming digestive fires. For best results, it is recommended that you drink lemon, mint or ginger tea. Adding spices such as long pepper, cinnamon and cardamom in your tea will prove to be beneficial in curing indigestion issues.

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