8 superfoods for flat belly and digestive health

By TNT Bureau

May 16, 2017: Are you one of those who are in a look out for ways to reduce tummy fat? Then, you have definitely come to the right place. In this discussion, we will be talking about 8 superfoods for flat belly.


One of the common causes of gas and bloating is bacterial imbalances in your gut. Hence, it is suggested that you eat yogurt as it aids in rebalancing the gut and enhances digestive health. You should go for the one that consists of live cultures and avoid flavored varities that are filled with sugar.


This spice is an anti-spasmodic that helps in digestion and also aids in relaxing the digestive tract muscles. You can always prepare some nice ginger tea by slicing some pieces and putting them in hot water.

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Peppermint is an anti-spasmodic that aids in calming the digestive tract thus permitting gas to pass. Sipping peppermint tea post-indulgence can also expel belchy gas thus paving way for a flat belly that you always wanted.


This licorice-tasting spice is digestive refreshment that boosts food transit time. Also, it helps in boosting bile production in the gut to help break down foods. It is suggested that you pop some fennel seeds after each meal or you can even try out fennel tea.


This natural diuretic herb helps in flushing out the excess fluid from the body and also aids in providing bone-building vitamin K and immune-boosting vitamin C.  For flat belly , simply chop some parsley and add to your daily salad.


Any kind of disturbance to your routine such as travel or a late night out may disturb your eating and sleeping schedules and shatter your promptness. This results in abdominal pain, bloating and even constipation. In this case, eat plain oatmeal since it is loaded with soluble fiber that aid in regulating bowels.


The potassium in bananas aids in eliminating excess water and belly-bloating sodium from the body in the most natural manner. So, if you eat excess salty food, simply eat a banana with peanut butter or you can even prepare it in the form of a smoothie.

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Coconut water

Since this is rich in potassium, coconut water helps in counteracting all that salt you consume when you eat too much to speed up the de-bloating process. Also, it is highly regarded as a weight loss food that promotes flat belly.

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