A yoga pose to cut down flight stress

By TNT Bureau

May 3, 2017: When it comes to layover on the flight, majority of the people find it really stressful. It is in this scenario that yoga can help to cut down flight stress, thus ensuring comfortable journey all the way.

You just need to practice the following yoga move before you board your flight and eliminate tense shoulder and neck muscles for good.

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Levator Scapula Layover

Clutch on to your bags on to your left shoulders or hands. This permits the arm to hang heavy while the shoulders get pulled in the direction of the ground.Slant your head onto the right side in such a manner so as to place the right ear onto your right shoulder.

With the help of the right hand grab hold of the left side of your head. This should be done calmly. Don?t use abrupt force.Breathe into the left side of the neck for about 8 to 10 breaths in a slow manner.

Then, tilt your nose down in the direction of the right shoulder while moving the right hand towards the back of your head slightly.Breathe into the rear of the neck for about 8 to 10 breaths in a slow manner.

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Take away the right hand and use it to physically shift your head into a straight posture.Follow the same for the other side as well.

The levator scapulae layover is commonly referred to as flight-or-flight muscles since they are extremely infamous for causing varied issues during stressful conditions.  They not only bring the chin forward but also hunch the shoulders. When there is excessive activities in this muscle,Over-activity in this muscle pair can lead to neck pain and stiffness. A healthy neck can rotate about 80 degrees to both sides and can lean over laterally at an angle of about 45 degrees.

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