Acupressure helps to ease cancer symptoms?

By TNT Bureau

July 5, 2017: According to a study, acupressure provides relief to cancer symptoms. Additionally, this form of massage that initiated from China helps relieve the side-effects of cancer treatment.

Acupressure on cancer care has a number of benefits. Today, we will be learning about 3 pressure points that reduce cancer symptoms in a naturalistic manner.

Before you begin with the following acupoints, it is extremely necessary that you practice deep breathing exercises that will help you to relax.

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Pressure point that reduces vomiting and nausea

Place your hands in such a position as to the palm faces you and then relax the fingers. Position the first 3 fingers of your other hand across the wrist, supporting the ring finger with your wrist crease. Now, position the thumb below and bring it steadily under the index finger.

Make sure that your thumb is placed on the middle of the wrist where you will be able to feel 2 prominent tendons below which is the acupoint. Slowly, apply pressure to the point for about 2-3 minutes. Repeat the same on your opposite wrist.

Pressure point that reduces pain

Place your hand with palm facing downwards and then slowly start spreading your fingers. Now with the help of the opposite middle finger and thumb try to find the slight indentation between the bases of your index finger and thumb and this is the acupoint. Start applying pressure to the point in a slow manner for about 5 minutes. Follow the sane on the opposite hand as well.

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Pressure point that reduces anxiety

Position your middle finger or thumb between the eyebrows at the base of your nostrils which is the main acupoint. Start applying pressure to the point for about 8 to 10 minutes. In order to experience better relaxation, it is suggested to concentrate on your breathing. You should also pay attention to visualize yourself in a relaxed atmosphere such as on a cloud, stream or a nice garden.

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