Agnistambhasana or fire log pose

By TNT Bureau

Agnistambhasana, also known as fire log pose or downward facing dog pose or descending facing dog pose, is an easy but important yoga pose. This pose has many variations.Agnistambhasana regulates the breathing and helps to open the hips. The asana increases the agni, and one can get relief from stress and depression.


Agnistambhasana opens and stretches the hips, groins and buttocks. It improves the functions of the abdominal organs, and strengthens the calves, legs and thighs.

The asana helps to calm the mind, gives relief from stress and anxiety. It also increases the blood flow across the body, and most importantly, regulates the breathing.

People with back injury, knee pain should avoid this asanaor take advice of an expert.

Step by step

Seated position

  • Legs straight out in front of you, breathing normal
  • Bend your knees and bring your legs in one at a time
  • Put one leg on top of the other, and form a 90 degree angle towards you with the hip, knee, and ankle of each
  • Lengthen the spine and Inhale from the tailbone to the crown of your head
  • Exhale and bring your chest towards the floor
  • Slowly put your hands on the floor, and hold for at least a minute in this position
  • Do deepbreathing
  • Come out of the pose by slowly inhale your torso upright
  • Uncross your legs
  • Repeat the above steps with opposite leg put on top

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