Alexander therapy helps to cure chronic back pain

By TNT Bureau

May 23, 2017: According to a study which was published in the British Medical Journal, Alexander therapy provides back pain relief.

The research revealed that the technique works on releasing muscle strains, thus improving movement, posture and alignment. This proved that the therapy is much more effective in easing chronic back pain than the conventional GP- prescribed methods.

The study which was conducted on 463 patients showed that those who underwent 6 days of the technique complained about 11 days of pain in a month as against to those who underwent 24 days and experienced only three days of chronic pain.

The Alexander technique was introduced by Frederick Matthias Alexander in Britain in 1904. According to him, ?we translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension” and that the resulting poor posture compresses the neck and spine.?

The technique teaches patients how to stay away from pointless mental and muscular tension within their daily activities. It is described as an educational method rather than a relaxation therapy.

The technique developed by Frederick showed little clinical evidence on how the Alexander therapy could cure chronic back pain. However, with the latest reports revealed, it is confirmed that the technique is excellent in eliminating chronic pain.

The technique is aimed towards heightening awareness and encouraging patients to practise it in a resourceful manner. Also, it helps to release muscle tension, aids in prevention of injuries and is actively involved in modifying musco-skeletal issues.

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