Amazing ayurvedic ways to keep your teeth healthy

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Oct 10, 2017:  A great smile makes you look appealing and reflects immense amount of confidence as well. On the medical front, bad teeth lead to a number of problems such as toothache, gum problems and cavity. Hence, it is important to ensure dental health to keep your smile intact and amazing all the way.

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Ayurveda always has some solution or the other for varied physical as well as mental ailments. Now, this therapeutic method is also believed to take care of your dental issues in the most natural and efficient manner.

Lay back and read on the amazing ayurvedic ways to keep your teeth healthy and flash your gorgeous teeth to the world with utmost confidence.

Start brushing with herbal toothpaste

Traditional ayurveda sayd that when you brush your teeth using sweet toothpaste, your saliva gets thickened and also the calcium content gets accelerated. Additionally, excess use of baking soda or fluoride can corrode the gums. Hence, the best way out is to brush with toothpaste that is made up of herbs such as clove, pilu, babool, fennel, clove, triphala, neem and cinnamon. The herbal toothpaste is astringent and a bit bitter in taste. You can avail such pastes at Indian grocery stores and yes you can also go for online shopping as well.

Chew on licorice root

This helps to accelerate secretions in the gastrointestinal tract, cleanses the mouth area and tongue and also aids in promotion of salivation. Hence, start chewing licorice root to cleanse your overall teeth thus, preventing tooth decay.

Add cardamom to oatmeal

Cardamom is a refreshing, aromatic and stimulating herb that holds a lot of importance in ayurveda. By adding about two pinches of cardamom to your oatmeal, you can prevent your teeth from developing cavities. Also, this helps to freshen up your breath, sharpening of the mind and kindling of digestive fire.

Gurgle with sesame oil

Gurgling with warm unrefined and organic sesame oil helps to make your teeth and gums strong and beautiful. You need to hold the oil in your mouth for about a minute and then expel it. For better results, it is advisable to apple some sesame oil to your gums as well. This entire process is known as kavala in ayurveda. This aids to prevent cavities and calm sensitive teeth and receding gums.

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Use tongue scraper

In ayurveda, tongue is known as the organ for cognition or karmendriya and also speech and taste. Tongue scraping or jihvanirlekhana has a wide array of dental advantages. Do you know that the tongue consists of several taste buds that process 6 types of varied tastes that include astringent, sour, bitter, pungent sweet and salty. When you scrape the tongue gently, all such taste buds get activated.

Also, the tongue has links with heart, stomach, colon, lungs and thyroid. Hence, scraping also helps to maintain overall good health. Moreover, it also removes dead bacteria and toxins or ama, decreases bad breath, clears the mind and improves the flavor in your mouth.

Use natural edible camphor

For toothache, it is suggested that you place a small piece of edible camphor next to the sore tooth/teeth. According to ayurveda, once the camphor gets mixed with the saliva, the pain gets reduced.

Eat sesame seeds

Dental problems are often associated with calcium, zinc and magnesium deficiencies. In order to compensate and provide prevention of dental issues, it is advisable to eat white sesame seeds that are rich in minerals. Next, brush the teeth with plain water. This is done so that the remaining sesame seeds in the mouth can rub against the teeth, cleaning and polishing them.

Use turmeric

Turmeric is a natural herb used in varied ayurvedic healing processes. If you have a weak gum and/or experiencing bleeding in the gums, it is suggested that you apply some turmeric powder or haldi powder on to the gums and gently start massaging it. This helps to ease the pain and also stops the gums from bleeding.

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