Amazing health benefits of hatha yoga

By TNT Bureau

Sep 25, 2017: Most of the contemporary yoga gurus support that yoga helps to reduce weight, keeps you fit and healthy and also aids in keeping you in touch with your true self.

Indeed, these are true. The original sanskrit hatha yoga text which is known as Hathayoga Pradipeeka promises a number of benefits associated with yoga that are somewhat similar to what  the yoga gurus communicate.

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Hatha yoga and its benefits

Hatha yoga stresses on the physical characteristics of the original Patanjali Yoga and consists of asanas, Kundalini tantra practice, a variety of breathing and cleansing methods as well as meditation. The modern Yoga is actually based on hatha yoga.

The varied health benefits of hatha yoga are

Vapu krushatvam or lean body

This is the primary advantage of practicing hatha Yoga. It helps to regulate a number of internal systems within the body thus making it easier to lose weight along with a proper diet which is also recommended by yoga.

This results in a lean and toned body with healthy internal organs. It helps to regulate your overall weight.

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Vadane prasannata or happy face

Since the body cleans from inside, the internal bliss will indeed get reflected on your face. You will have a natural glow on your face symbolizing happiness that is pure and rejuvenating all the way.

Naad sfutatvam or manifestation of inner voice

With the training of breathing method known as pranayama, your voice will become clear as well as sweeter. Also, you will be able to bond with your inner self as the mind gets soother.

Nayane sunirmale or clear vision

A number of cleansing techniques along with breathing methods will bring a shine to your eyes and also help in improving your vision. With this yoga practice, you get to sharpen your the inner intuition.

Arogata or relief from illness

With appropriate hatha yoga practice, you get to observe improved physical and mental fitness.

Bindujayaha or control over sexual desire

By adapting hatha yoga as a life styl you will be able to enjoy life while you eliminate worries that arise due to excessive or unwanted materialistic desires.

Agnideepanam or strong digestion

Contemporary science has shown that weak digestion is the basis of most illnesses. Hatha yoga practice helps in rekindling the digestive fire and also aids to regulate your metabolism rate.

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