Amazing health benefits of mud therapy

By TNT Bureau

Feb 6, 2017: Mud therapy, alternatively known as naturopathy is a natural treatment process for internal diseases and emotional illness. Majority of the mud therapy practitioners use moistened earth to treat varied kinds of diseases. With the following benefits of this therapy, you get to experience health restoration in a natural and safe manner.

Acne and pimples

Take a bowl, pour some mud pack or Multani miti and mix it with rose water to form a thick paste. Don?t forget to stir it well. Once done, apply the paste on the face. This helps to get rid of acne and pimples and also makes the skin soft and radiant.

Digestive problems

Mud packs when applied on the abdomen facilitates digestive aid, including constipation. Those who suffer from digestive problems such as abdominal gas, stomach ache and so on should apply mud packs on their belly. This helps to decrease intestinal heat and also stimulates peristalsis movement of the intestines, thus providing immediate relief.

Vomiting and diarrhea

Mud therapy is extremely helpful in curing loose motions. Simply apply the pack on to the lower abdomen. In case of vomiting, apply the pack on the chest.

Eye problems

Efficiently known as eye vision enhancer, mud therapy is known for providing ultimate relaxation to the eyes. Besides this, mud packs are also useful in curing eye diseases such as conjunctivitis and stye.

Skin diseases

Embedded with cooling and anti-toxic properties, this therapy aids in treatment of skin afflictions such as eczema. Naturopathy recommends mud bathing which means that you should use mud instead of soap while bathing to scrub the skin. This helps in enhancing skin quality while keeping it free from all kinds of skin problems.


In case of headache, apply mud pack on the forehead. The pack has cooling effects that helps to get rid of the pain.


Applying mud packs on the forehead and abdomen provides relief in case of fever.

Natural healer

Since mud has anti-inflammatory effects, it works wonders for healing scars and wounds.


Mud has natural ability to regenerate the skin or anti-aging effect. Also, it helps in escalating the blood circulation process. All these contribute in reviving and toning up the skin tissues making you look young and refreshed.


Besides curing physical illness, mud therapy is also known to eliminate stress, worries, anxiety and depression. This is why many naturopathic practitioners suggest mud bathing at least twice a week for stress relief.

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