Angel meditation ensures peaceful mind and positivity, boosts happiness

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July 4, 2017: As a normal person, there are numerous incidences in your life that are simply outside your control. Meditation acts as a tool that permits you to take accountability for your condition of mind, in spite of all odd situations happening in your life.

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Meditation is a procedure that helps in teaching you how to know your own mind. Also it aids you to transform your mental state for the optimistic. Meditation not only requires you to sit quietly but also you need to have good amount of focus, patience and persistence.

Getting started with angel meditation

Angel Meditation is a type of guided meditation which has been vigorously charged by the ascended masters and arch angels. It aims to send and receive waves of absolute love.

With angel meditation, not only will your body feel light but also your mind gets soothed and your heart opens up because more light flows along your body. After practising angel meditation for 15 minutes you will observe that you are refreshed and renewed as a whole.

This meditation allows you to make a connection with heavenly energies present inside you. It communicates that you are what you are. Whist meditating, angels are there to assist you realign with pure love as you unwind, focus on your spirit and listen. As soon as you connect with the angels, they provide you lively support to boost your happiness and welfare

Steps to practice angel meditation

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place
  • Breathe in deeply into your lower belly and let your feet touch the floor.
  • Shut your eyes and unwind your mind. Appeal to one of the four archangels Gabriel, Raphael, Michael and Uriel to be with you.
  • Ponder upon the invitation for about 10 to 15 minutes.

After some practice, you will become familiar with the effects of angel meditation. Angels will approach and appear to assist you throughout the day. Regardless of how bad your day is, the angel will be there to assist you always.

Angel Meditation and its benefits

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Ensures peaceful and calm mind

There can be days when you feel stressed either physically or mentally or both. Angel meditation helps you in providing you a calm, serene and calm mind.

When your mind is peaceful, your body comes into a relaxation position which makes all the tensions vanish. When you have a stress-free body, you will be able to avert health conditions that influence the spinal cord as well as the nervous system.

Permits you to forget about your suffering

When you set up a connection to a heavenly being, you will be able to forget about your suffering and sad emotions, be it any mind of tragedy or accident.

Forgetting such incidences can be complex as an emotional attachment is concerned. However with angel meditation, you can let go of all the aching thoughts from the mind and let in only optimistic thoughts and feelings.

Boosts happiness

With angel meditation, you get to boost your happiness, awareness and overall well-being. Also, it helps you to boost your immune system. Hence, when your happiness is increased, mental ailments such as anxiety and depression get washed away for good.

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