Anger causes skin problems?

By TNT Bureau

Oct 11, 2017: Are you the angry one? Do you get frustrated at the slightest pretention? Then, it is time to change all these since emotions can actually cause skin issues.

According to Dr Mohan Thomas, a leading cosmetic surgeon and MD, The Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Mumbai skin conditions such as acne, fine lines, eczema and dermatitis are linked with your mental health.

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Anger tends to cause a lot of chaos on your skin. If you are impatient and continually frowning, the facial muscles get affected which results in fine lines and wrinkles.

Embarrassment can worsen acne issues. When you feel embarrassed, the rate at which the enzymes are created gets altered which may result in skin pigmentation and also untimely hair loss.

When you hate someone, you are in a constant state of nervousness. A constant bout of anxiety can cause levels of adrenaline and cortisol to become high in the body eventually leading to acne.

When you are irritated and always worried there is a sharp production of cortisol that affects the facial cells and deteriorates the facial blood vessels resulting in ageing. If you already suffer from acne and eczema, your situation may worsen with strain.

You continually frown when you are sad or unhappy. Frowning all the time can result in wrinkles particularly around the sides of your eyes. Sadness and lack of sleep can result in puffy and baggy eyes.

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When you fear, there is an adrenaline rush. Owing to this, your muscles get tensed, and your skin reaches a situation where your natural firmness gets lost and folds start to emerge.

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