Anxiety intensifies asthma, reveals study

By TNT Bureau

Mar 30, 2017: According to a new study, anxiety is bad for asthmatics. Anxiety, also known as fear of fear, is common. However, when patients with anxiety sensitivity are also asthmatic, the pain is doubled and can be extremely dangerous.The study found out that such people face difficulties to manage their asthma. The Cincinnati University advocates treatment for reduction of the asthma symptoms.

The research proved that people with extreme anxiety sensitivity are prone to higher asthma problems and lung functioning disorders.The researcher, Alison McLeish said, ?Anxiety sensitivity not only helps explain why we see higher rates of anxiety disorders, but also why anxiety is associated with poorer asthma outcomes?.

With the aim to provide solution for anxiety sensitivity, the study has come up with exposure therapy and other useful interventions. The details of the research are to be published in the journal, Behavior Modification.

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