Anything that is put after ‘I AM.’ becomes a seed for new creation

By Chitra Jha

“There was a time when you rested in a complete embrace of non-dual awareness. There was nothing but the experience of That Which Is, no inside or outside, no self. Just being, in its deepest, most complete sense. Into this expanse of non-dual being slipped the insight, ‘I am.’ It came to each of you in different ways. It came to you the way a growing seedling breaks through the soil into the light after dwelling for many days in the darkness underground, spreading its roots, and pushing upward through the earth. I Am. It broke into that immense space of beings; the first thought. “…….Deep Spring Center

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The above passage so resonates with my own understanding that “I AM” was the first thought that created the duality (the world of apparent individuation). And duality is not to be shunned. It is to be experienced and honoured. It is a great creative act.

Anything that is put after ‘I AM…..becomes a “seed” for new creation. We continually create ourselves by our ‘I am…..’ statements.

The seeds worth sowing are, “I am creative. I am magnificent. I am awesome. I am peaceful. I am wise. I am loving. I am lovable. I am beautiful. I am divine. I am humane. I am compassionate. I am safe. I am secure. I am taken care of. I am fulfilled. I am expressing my highest potential. I am being the best that I can be.”

Everything happens for a purpose…

Life is full of ‘happenings’…..a lot of things happen to us in our day-to-day life (some of it that we never even dreamt about).

Things happen primarily to balance our ‘karmic energy’; it is their primary purpose. Hence, whatever happens we ought to remain grateful for it. (HoniToh Ho KeRahe, Unhoni Na Hoye).

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However, if we do not wish a repeat performance of a similar happening, we have to consciously stop focusing upon it. (Wherever attention goes, energy flows.)

Whenever my attention wanders towards ‘unwanted’ happenings, I simply pay attention to the emerging ’emotions/ sensations/ feelings’ and when the wave passes by, I offer gratitude to all that happened.

Everything happens for a purpose. Everything happens because it is needed. Everything happens, because it had to happen because of some previous energy imbalance. And yet, we can take action to prevent a repeat performance. The choice – as always – lies with us.

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