Are you ready to sweat it out or go slow?

By Subodh Gupta

Finding and learning the right form of yoga for your lifestyle is quite challenging. If you are wondering what style fits you, then read on.

Jan 15, 2016: Whenever you hear about yoga what comes to your mind? Some sort of aerobics? Tiring exercises? Impossible asanas? Or mere meditation? In fact, most yoga schools have made these popular in the name of yoga. But neither of these is yoga. Let us first understand what yoga actually means. Yoga simply means union and that?s it. In spiritual terms it can be seen as union of

individual consciousness with supreme consciousness, and to achieve this union we need a very strong body and mind. Keeping this in mind, our ancient scientists (the saints and sages) developed a system to keep the body and mind strong so that the higher purpose or this union can be achieved. This system involves yogasana (which normally people understand as yoga), meditation, pranayama, relaxation and proper diet. This system is called yoga. Or we can say, the physical-level yoga is a system to keep the body and mind stronger, which ultimately helps us to achieve union in our lives.

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