Autogenic training helps to restore emotional and physical balance

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Apr 25 2017: During the phase of excessive stress what we need is to strike the perfect balance between effort and rest. And for this, it is important to adhere to some useful and effective therapies.

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It is in this sphere that it is suggested to try out autogenic training or AT which helps to restore emotional and physical balance. Also known as autogenic therapy, this mind-body training is an influential and methodically validated deep relaxation method that allows an individual to reduce anxiety and stress within a short period of time.

A quick history of autogenic training

This therapy was first developed in the late 1930’s by Dr Johannes Schultz. He was a German psychiatrist and neurologist. He investigated the physiology of profoundly relaxed states like while going to sleep or under hypnosis.

He scanned some patients and reported 2 particularphysical feelings when deeply relaxed. These were: warmth in their abdomen and heaviness in the limbs. The sensation of warmth is the consequence of dilation in the tangential arteries. On the other hand, the feeling of heaviness is due to deep relaxation of the muscles.

Schultz opined that if he trained people to create auto-suggestions that they were going through these feelings, then they would rapidly allow their autonomic nervous system to jump from the anxiety reaction to relaxation reaction.

Deep influence on the western mind

It has been called as a western form of meditation, for the condition of inert concentration which distinguishes the autogenic condition is analogous to the condition of mindfulness in eastern methods of meditation.

AT, nevertheless, pleases the western mind because; unlike other forms of yoga and meditation, this therapy contains no cultural and religious implications. Also, it doesn?t particular clothing or odd postures

Autogenic training is possibly the most effectual and easy stress reduction method ever developed in the west. Once learned, this therapy allows you to convey the apparently spontaneous stress response under your individual control.

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Health benefits of autogenic training

  • Reduces anxiety and stress– Studies have shown that autogenic training helps in anxiety management .These studies included an experimental trial published in the journal Advanced Nursingin 2006 along with another trial published in the journal American Heart
  • Helps to improve heart health– This training may be helpful for people with cardiac syndrome X which is a medical condition associated with angina-like pain but the nonexistence of heart disease. The study was conducted in 2009 and published in the journal Menopause.For the study, 53 women with cardiac syndrome X either participated in an autogenic therapy program or kept a check of their symptoms in a diary for 8 weeks. It was seen that women who performed autogenic training experienced a considerably better improvement in the harshness of their symptoms.
  • Helps to treat irritable bowel syndrome: This training is also helpful in treating irritable bowel syndrome, according to a study which was published in Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback in 2010. In the study, 21 patients with irritable bowel syndrome were allocated to either autogenic training or to an intercession that consisted of discussions about their eating habits and standard of living. Looking at the feedback forms submitted by the patients, it was found that a larger number of those allocated to autogenic training reported experiencing good amount of relief as compared to the other group.

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