Ayurveda helps to treat conjunctivitis

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Oct 9, 2017: No sooner does summer arrive; conjunctivitis or the pink eye also starts to appear. If you have been noticing too much sleep dust (eye mucus), it is advisable that you visit your doctor at the earliest.

You need to be careful of eye infections especially conjunctivitis during this summer season. While your doctor will recommend some eye drops along with some medicines, this may take a while to treat conjunctivitis. Hence, it is suggested that you opt for ayurveda as this will help in alleviating the discomfort and pain.

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Ayurveda helps to treat conjunctivitis

Ayurveda is regarded as a powerful storehouse of a number of natural ingredients that aids in reducing the symptoms of conjunctivitis.

In ayurveda, conjunctivitis is called Netraabhishyananda. With the dosha categorization, it is of

RaktajaAbhishyanda –You feel burning sensation and discomfort in the eyes along with harsh redness and some restricted wounds.

VatajaAbhishyanda –you feel more soreness in the eyes. PittajaAbhishyanda –you feel more burning sensation.

KaphajaAbhishyanda –you feel more itching sensation.

Rose petals for conjuctivtis

In ayurveda rose petal eye wash is known as rose kashay and is an ideal way to control conjunctivitis. Rose petals are an extremely good astringent and coolant. It helps to cure the localized wounds and also aids to relieve the pain.

In his book Healthy Children, Jorge Valera has also suggested using rose petals to treat conjunctivitis among children. The cleansing and antibacterial properties also cure the infection and decrease redness.

Using rose petals to treat conjunctivitis

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You need to take around 10-15 fresh red rose petals and then wash them thoroughly with clean water. Grind the petals in order to form a thick paste and boil it in 100 ml of water until it gets reduced to 50 ml. Now take a folded clean cotton cloth and filter it and give it sometime to cool. Next, apply it on your eyes for 4-5 times a day.

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