Ayurveda helps to treat diabetes

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Apr 5, 2017: Diabetes is one the dangerous diseases that has affected more than 346 million people over the globe. World Health Organization (WHO) has indicated that deaths due to diabetes will double in the near future. So, in what ways can ayurveda help to treat diabetes?

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Although the varied causes of diabetes are difficult, to an extent the risk can be restricted with a monitored diet, weight management along with habitual physical activities while avoiding main vices such as tobacco and alcohol, says ayurveda.

Ayurveda and diabetes

In ayurveda, diabetes is known as prameha and during the vedic period the term was referred to as asrava or madhumeha. Madhu refers to honey and meha refers to the flow or more particularly urine. The name is accredited to the reality that during prameha, life essence is obliterates through urine or sweat.

Ayurveda has always taken diabetes extremely seriously system and hence it is known as maharoga which means a major disease. According to ayurveda, diabetes is caused due to the aggravation of vata dosha. Vata dosha underlies state of your body on the basis of wind and dryness. Weakening in the body, which is the obliteration of the dhatus or body tissues, portrays an injury of the vata dosha. This is the reason as to why diabetes troubles all fundamental organs.

A negotiated digestive system may bring forth a ruthless attack of diabetes. Weakened digestion leads to buildup of certain impurities or ama. This can amass in the fragile pancreatic cells and injure the internal insulin production.

Ayurveda says that diabetes is of 4 different kinds depending upon individual effects on body constitutions. These are vata (10 kinds of diabetes), pitta (6 kinds) and juvenile diabetes for kids who are often congenital.

Treating diabetes with ayurveda

The ayurvedic method to treat diabetes is aimed at rejuvenating your body for sugar level balance. Also it is concerned with fostering a positive change in the life of a diabetic patient.

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The varied herbal formulations functionon the deep seated root causes of diabetes. The medicine bolsters immunity, augments the digestion process and aids you to lead a healthy life as a whole.

Along with nutritional and life style changes, the ayurveda remedies help in rejuvenating  cells and tissues of a body thus, permitting an appropriate production of insulin.

Some of the commonly used herbs and plants include fenugreek, turmeric, onion, ginger, wood apple, bitter gourd, neem (Azadirachha indica), sagar gota (Ceasalpinia crista), nayantatra (Vinca rosa), gurmar leaves (Gymnema sylvestrae) etc.

The dietary therapy includes diet charts based on viryas for each dosha. The rasa and gunas are also taken into consideration. Ayurveda food is of medicinal nature and is known as ausadam. These foods tackle the deviant doshas.

Ayurveda treats diabetes with a multi-pronged approach. Along with medicinal and nutritional therapy, specific exercises from the 5000 year sister science of ayurveda, i.e. Yoga is also advised. Panchakarma is also very helpful in restricting diabetes. In unsophisticated terms the healing methodology of ayurveda uses 4 kinds of techniques that include reduction, detoxification, balancing and nourishing. Thus, it can be regarded as a wonder therapy for diabetes.

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