Ayurveda helps to treat eczema among children and adults

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Mar 24, 2017: One of the most common skin illnesses among children is none other than eczema. However, eczema can also occur among adults. This skin disease causes terrible and continuous itching often marked with redness and scaly skin. Also, it can cause the skin to bleed and sometimes even form pus if not treated in a timely manner.

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What is eczema?

Known as dermatitis in scientific term, eczema is a skin illness that can happen to everybody regardless whether the concerned individual is young or old or a male or a female.

Prior to having a discussion about the remedies to treat eczema, it is essential to know the causes behind the occurrence of the skin disease. If a history of eczema runs in the family, then there is higher risk for you to get the disease as well. However, if you are sensitive to something it is suggested that you avoid those in order to prevent yourself away from aggravated itching. Some of the few causes of eczema are solvents, detergent soaps and powders, sunlight and even few medicines.

The most widespread warning signals of eczema are flaky skin, small bumps around the skin, severe itching , dryness and itching. Medications may provide some relief to eczema for a while but can?t cure as a whole. Hence, it is highly advisable to use ayurvedic ways to treat eczema.

Such elements are a part of the ancient manuscripts of ayurveda and interestingly, they are still followed today and people have reaped lots of benefits in curing eczema. Following is a list of 7 ayurvedic ways that help to treat eczema among children and adults.

Gotu kola herb  

This therapeutic herb which is available in the entire leading ayurvedic store is a superb remedy to treat eczema. You need to take some dried leaves of this herb and put in an equal amount of chamomile leaves. Next, you need to boil them together and then once the mixture cools down, apply in the affected areas.

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Sweet almond oil

This is regarded as one of the ideal ayurvedic mantras to treat eczema. It is an accepted emollient that helps in treating the dry skin problem thus helping to fight against eczema. The constituents such as ursolic acid and oleic acid present in sweet almond oil help in repairing skin damages.

Babul and mango bark

Simply take same amount of babul and mango barks and set them to boil. Next, dip a clean towel or small cloth into the mixture and then compress the same on to the affected areas. Continue doing it for about 15 minutes. This helps in curing eczema in a quick and effective way.

Neem and turmeric powder

This is one of the oldest and effective ayurvedic ways to treat eczema.  You need to take some neem leaves and then grind them to form a thick paste. Put in few amounts of turmeric powder on to the paste and mix well. Now, apply it on your affected areas.

Avocado oil

You can use avocado oil on your affected skin directly to get rid of eczema. Also, you have the option to use the oil on your daily diet for faster results. This oil is loaded with vitamins A, D and E that aid in preventing eczema.

Cocoa butter

Whilst you are in lookout for simple remedies to treat eczema, it is suggested that you try cocoa butter. This helps to prevent dryness and also eases itchiness caused by eczema.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is blessed with moisturising properties and thus aids in soothing your skin. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that aids in preventing any additional infection. You need to extract good amount of gel out of aloe leaves. Now, yoi can apply the gel on your affected areas directly.

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