Ayurveda prescribes effective healthcare for children

By TNT Bureau

Dec 12, 2017: Bala Tantra is that branch of ayurveda that deals with pediatrics. The objective of ayurvedic pediatrics is to make sure that each child goes on to become a happy and responsible human being.

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Ayurveda and child health

Ayurveda has lots to offer in the means of calm and efficient health care and ailment prevention for kids through lifestyle, use of medicinal herbs and spices and diet.  The ayurvedic herbs help in strengthening the immune system and supporting child health in the most holistic manner possible.

In the contemporary time, chiefly in highly developed countries, it has become easy to lose touch with the therapeutic power within us. From the instant a kid is born he/she is literally introduces with the idea that his/her immune system is not competent of performing its job correctly without some artificial means such as vaccinations.

Additionally, these days the treatment for widespread childhood diseases contains mainly of chemical drugs when there are natural alternatives available.

The method of Swarnaprashana is suggested in ayurveda for enhancing immunity. Recently the ayurvedic herb ashwagandha received a U.S. Patent as a vaccine adjuvant.

The bodily development and the psychological state during childhood play a significant role in the foundation of the rest of an individual’s life.

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Ayurvedic tips to raise healthy children

  • Make them an early riser: Ayurveda suggests an early-bird standard of living, getting up early and sleeping early.
  • Monitor their screen time: Make sure that your kids use minimum TV, computers, videogames as possible. Highlight time for more productive work such as studies, sports and so forth.
  • Feed fats: Fats play an important role in the development of a body as well as the brain. Ayurveda recommends olive oil, which is appreciated for its aptitude to convey the benefits of herbs and spices to the brain as well as other parts of the body.
  • Feed these foods: Add dairy products such as milk, buttermilk and yogurt along with dry fruits such as almonds and raisins in their diet. Also, use spices such as pepper, cumin, turmeric as they help to improve digestion.
  • Moderation is vital: Even if a food is of high-quality it is extremely important not to let the kid eat too much or in surplus quantity.
  • Say no to junks: Decrease their consumption of junk carbonated drinks, packaged foods, canned foods and so forth.

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