Ayurvedic herbs that add flavor to your food

By TNT Bureau

Feb 16, 2016: When we sit down to eat there is no better feeling of contentment than being rewarded with wonderful flavours. This is why culinary experts are extremely particular about the right flavors in their dishes which may range from spices to herbs.

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According to ayurveda flavors play an important role in cooking. It is not only concerned with the dish being tasty but also delves to the core of how all ingredients are put together and how beneficial they are for the body.

Ayurveda says that each and every ingredient is blessed with unique properties and each has its own taste and significance. Ayurvedic herbs are extremely well-known for therapeutic benefits and hence, you will find them across a number of household

Methi or fenugreek

This healing herb that is widely used is bitter in taste and is used in pulses, chicken dishes, curries, stir fries etc. You can also try putting in fenugreek with a simply potato dish.

Are you a meat lover? Then, try out methi chicken which is an absolute treat that can be eaten with chapattis. You need to use methi leaves in order to balance its better flavour with the other ingredients. You can use both dried and fresh methi leaves to prepare your food.

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This herb aids in keeping a check on your cholesterol level. Also it helps in preventing diseases such as diabetes and heart attacks.

It is loaded with minerals, anti-oxidants, vitamins and fibre and helps to digest food.

Pudina or mint

This is of the most commonly used herbs across the world. It is referred to as a powerhouse of therapeutic properties. Its unique flavor helps you to create some of the most amazing dishes.

The stimulating flavour of mint makes it the apparent choice to for making juices and mocktails during hot weathers. Mint is widely used in marinades for meat dishes.
Mint aids in digestion, eases fatigue and body pain and also helps to relieve cough and cold. It is also used to maintain oral hygiene and cure allergies.

Curry leaves

Curry leaves are used widely in spicy meat-based stir-fries and a number of other dishes. It is also used in pulses. It has a distinct flavor that lends a different character to your dish. It goes extreneky well with spices such as black pepper.

Curry leaves are loaded with essential minerals and vitamins, anti-bacterial agents, fibre and anti-oxidants. They help to keep a check on your cholesterol level as well as blood sugar level. It is also known to cure the symptoms of anaemia.

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