Being exposed to noise pollution during pregnancy causes health issues in kids: Study

By TNT Bureau

Dec 15, 2017: According to s study, being exposed to noise pollution during pregnancy causes health issues in kids particularly mental retardation and hearing loss. The research was conducted by doctors from India particularly Lucknow and Delhi.

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They said that babies who are exposed to noises above 45 decibels which is almost equivalent to that emitted by light traffic, undergo health risks such as breathing and heart problems.

Health threat alert

The researchers say that older children exposed to noise pollution are inclined to have attention difficulties and learning issues and teens who reside in noisy surrounding are likely to fall prey to diseases such as heart attacks, stress ulcers, diabetes and hypertension.

A pediatrician from Fortis hospital Mumbai India, Sameer Sadawarte said that theoretically it is likely, however they still aren’t sure as to how exposure to high decibel levels can have adverse effects on a child’s health. It is extremely similar to the smoking dispute, where a few smokers live well even while some non-smokers develop cancer. It is not easy to do a research where you expose women to noise pollution and examine the effects on them.

Can noise and medical conditions be related?

The co-author of the study, Dr Prerna Batra said that there are remote studies but it is not yet entirely understood as to how loud noises triggers health issues.

The study which was published in Indian Pediatrics revealed that pregnant women who live in areas with high sound decibels are at the highest risk.

It is the cause as to why doctors keep noise levels at the least amount in neo-natal intensive care units since infants can have heart issues when exposed to loud sounds.

The president of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Dr Samir Dalwai said that newborns, particularly sick and premature babies in the neonatal ICU, are surely affected largely by sounds.

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This changes their breathing as well as sleeping patterns which may result in heart difficulties. Though the mechanism of wound is not well recognized, there is a critical and instant need to have strategies for controlling noise pollution. A number of international studies demonstrate that noise pollution can impact the newborn babies as well as the unborn ones.

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