Bharadvajasana or bharadvaja’s twist

By TNT Bureau

The Bharadvaja’s twist is a simple yoga exercise done in a seated position. It has multiple benefits and can be done by all, including beginners. Practicing this twist can help re-balance your body from head to toe, inside and out. It can calm your mind and allow you to feel more peaceful.


• It gives the hips, spine, and shoulders a good stretch
• It massages the abdominal organs
• Digestion is improved, and so is metabolism
• This asana relieves neck pain, sciatica, and lower back pain
• It also reduces stress and anxiety
• This asana is good for a woman in the second trimester of pregnancy to strengthen the lower back. But it must be done only after consulting a doctor, and under the supervision of an expert
• This asana helps relieve carpal tunnel syndrome


• Sit on the floor, with your back erect and your legs stretched out in front of you. Place your arms beside your body, close to your hips
• Bend your knees and bring them close to your left hip, such that the right buttocks carry the weight of the body. Rest the inner side of your left ankle on the arch of your right thigh
• Inhale and stretch your spine, extending it as much as you possibly can. Exhale and twist the upper trunk as much as you can. Place your right hand on the floor, and your left hand on the right outer thigh
• Make sure that your hip on the left side presses your body weight down on the floor
• Slightly bend the upper part of the back and twist around your backbone, such that you feel the effect from the lower back to the tip of the head
• Keep lengthening your spine as you intensify your twist every time you exhale
• Turn your head such that you look over your right shoulder. Hold the pose for about a minute
• Exhale and gently untwist your trunk to come back to the center. Take a breath, and repeat the pose with the weight of your body on the left buttock

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