Bid farewell to joint pain with yoga

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July 17, 2017: Majority of the people are well-known with the matter related to joint pain. Irrespective of whether you are an active or an inactive person, you might have experienced some sort of joint pain in your life. Then, as we start to age, problems related to joint pain start to increase.

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The subject of joint pain has bugged us for numerous years. A number of health experts have weighed in on the topic with their individual views and suggest effectual solutions to contradict health issues.

Varied methods of treatment such as, medications, physical therapy, use of the copper element, health supplements, injections etc all produce varying results.

Yoga for joint pain

The art of yoga is an elaborate and therapeutic mix between the body, mind and soul. Over the past few years, yoga is being used extensively to provide joint pain relief. It actually advocates you to work reasonably throughout the pain and garner the healing benefits of yoga.

Some of the popular yoga poses that help to ease joint pain are

Cat pose: This is one of the widely used yoga poses for joint pain. It helps in forming a smooth sequence which is helpful for the spine and aids in easing back pain.

Start off by kneeling down and then place both hands on the floor. Make sure that your shoulders and knees are precisely aligned with your hips. Push your chin in the direction of the chest and mild form the back into a hunch position.

Now breathe in slowly and raise your chin away from the chest while looking ahead in a straight manner. At the same time, the back will straighten itself from its original hunching position.

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It is highly suggested that you do this sequence for about 8 to 10 recurring cycles so that you get in sync with the stream of the breath. Nevertheless, the cat pose might put some pressure on your wrist hence; it is advisable to be careful.

Viparita karani: This yoga pose offers number of benefits to the body. It aids in easing the pressure of your neck and spine, helps in blood circulation and aids in soothing your nervous system.

Begin by lying down adjoining to a wall support and go on to lift your legs alongside the wall. Make sure that your body forms an L shape while your arms are extended out with palms facing upwards. You need to regulate your breathing in a slow manner in order to achieve quick results.

Tadasana pose: This yoga pose is effortlessly carried out and very helpful for nourishing the knee joints. Begin by standing in an upright position with your feet firmly placed on the floor. Make sure that your back is straight. Then, start to breathe in and out in a slow and deep manner.

Ear to shoulder pose: This yoga pose is easy pose to attain. You can wither sit or stand. You need to make sure that your spine is straight. Now, look ahead and start by regulating your breathing pace and also start tilting your ears in the direction of your shoulder. Do the same for at least 10 to 12 times

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