Breathe slowly to enjoy food better

By TNT Bureau

Jan 11, 2017: According to a new study conducted by mechanical engineers at Penn State University, slow breathing lets you enjoy food better.

Previously it was shown that how we taste food is closely related to movement of food particles from the rear end of our mouth to the nasal cavity. However, there was hardly any explanation as to why airflow couldn?t take them back into the lungs.

The engineers initiated to solve it by using a 3D-printed model that indicated the airway between our windpipe and nostrils. It was shown that the structure of the airway conversely carries food particles to nasal cavity. This makes people to enjoy the smell and taste of food.

The assistant professor of the university, Rui Ni explained: ?During quiet breathing, there is no valve that can control the direction of volatile transport. However something must be controlling the movement of these particles and keeping them out of the lungs.?

The findings which was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, showed that gnawed food particles gets stored at the rear end of the mouth in a corner cavity away from the key airflow. As humans breathe in via the nose, the flow of air makes a type of air curtain that prevents the food particles from being discharged into the rear end of the lungs and mouth.

However, as humans breathe out, the airflow sweeps the particles from this covert cavity into nasal cavity. The movement of the food particles relies upon the speediness of our lung activity.

?Smooth, relatively slow breathing maximises delivery of the particles to the nose. Food smells and tastes better if you take your time,? added Ni.

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