So-called green products pose health hazards

Dec 6, 2017: A recent study has pointed out that the household products like cleaning products, air fresheners, laundry supplies and personal care products, that we usually consider as green and environment friendly, actually lead to a lot of health hazards.

The research team at University of Melbourne, Australia, found 156 different volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in 37 products tested, which means an average of 15 VOCs per product. In total, 550 volatile ingredients were emitted from these products. Only less than 3% of the products disclosed it on the product label.

Consumers lack proper information about these products, which claim to be natural, or organic. Those claims are largely untested, said Anne Steinemann, professor of civil engineering at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

The team found that the emissions of carcinogenic hazardous air pollutants from green fragranced products were not different from regular fragranced products. The most common chemicals used in fragranced products are terpenes. Terpenes readily react with ozone in the air to generate pollutants like formaldehyde and ultrafine particles.

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